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Scott L. Anderson

Nanoscale surface chemistry, catalysis, nanoparticles, surface analysis

Phone: (801) 585-7289
Office: 1224 HEB

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Peter B. Armentrout

Mass spectrometry to study thermochemistry and dynamics of chemical reactions

Phone: (801) 581-7885
Office: 3402 TBBC

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Vahe Bandarian

Enzymology and biosynthetic pathways, biosynthesis of complex natural products

Phone: (801) 581-6366
Office: 3627 TBBC

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Bethany Buck-Koehntop

Structure-function relationships in biointeractions, biophysics and molecular biology

Phone: (801) 581-3186
Office: 1493 Gauss Haus

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Cynthia J. Burrows

Nucleic acid chemistry, oxidative DNA damage, DNA in protein nanopores

Phone: (801) 585-7290
Office: 1625 TBBC

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John C. Conboy

Nonlinear optical spectroscopy to study solid/liquid and liquid/liquid interfaces

Phone: (801) 585-7957
Office: 2532 TBBC

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Richard D. Ernst

Pentadienyl complexes of transition metals, bonding, useful reaction chemistry

Phone: (801) 581-8639
Office: 2166 HEB

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Michael Gr├╝nwald

Computer simulation and theory of the dynamics and interactions of nanoparticles

Phone: (801) 581-8023
Office: 4625 TBBC

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Ming C. Hammond

Biosensors for live cell imaging, high-throughput screening, and synthesis

Phone: 801-213-0892
Office: 224B Crocker Sci Ctr

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Joel H. Harris

Fluorescence and Raman spectroscopy of liquid/solid interfaces and nanomaterials

Phone: (801) 581-3585
Office: 1304 HEB

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Matthew Kieber-Emmons

Bioinorganic reaction mechanisms and bioinspired catalysts

Phone: (801) 587-3185
Office: 3611 TBBC

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Ryan Looper

Strategies and methods for the synthesis of complex molecules as leads for biomedical discovery

Phone: (801) 585-0408
Office: 4424 TBBC

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Janis Louie

Discovery and development of transition metal-mediated reactions

Phone: 801-581-7309
Office: 3116 HEB

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Joel S. Miller

Magnetic materials based on inorganic, organometallic, and organic chemistry

Phone: 801-585-5455
Office: 2124 HEB

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Shelley D. Minteer

Enzymatic bioelectrocatalysis, bioengineering, explosive sensing, biofuel cells

Phone: 801-587-8325
Office: B611 TBBC

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Valeria Molinero

Computer simulations and statistical mechanics methods to investigate disordered materials

Phone: (801) 585-9618
Office: 4623 TBBC

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Michael D. Morse

Gas phase laser spectroscopy of metal and semiconductor clusters and complexes

Phone: (801) 581-8319
Office: 3428 TBBC

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Rodrigo Noriega

Ultrafast laser spectroscopy and single-molecule fluorescence microscopy

Phone: (801) 587-7979
Office: 2428 TBBC

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Marc D. Porter

Chip-scale diagnostic platforms, SERS, electrochemistry, fluorescence microscopy

Phone: 801-587-1505
Office: 1320A HEB

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Aaron W. Puri

Structure, function, and genetic regulation of natural products from underexplored bacteria

Office: 224F Crocker Sci Ctr

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Jon D. Rainier

Development of organic and organometallic synthesis of biologically important molecules

Phone: 801-581-4954
Office: 3216 HEB

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Thomas G. Richmond

New methods of activation and functionalization of carbon-fluorine bonds

Phone: 801-581-7487
Office: 2404 TBBC

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Andrew G. Roberts

Reaction discovery and design for the  synthesis of small molecules and peptide-based therapeutics

Phone: 801-213-3682
Office: 2210 HEB

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Caroline Saouma

Transition-metal mediated small molecule activation CO2 fixation and reduction to methanol

Phone: (801) 585-7335
Office: 3254 HEB

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Jennifer Shumaker-Parry

Nanoparticle synthesis and assembly, plasmonics, interfacial chemical analysis

Phone: (801) 585-1434
Office: 2424 TBBC

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Matthew S. Sigman

Discovery and development of catalysts for organic synthesis and enantioselective reactions

Phone: (801) 585-0774
Office: 4253A HEB

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Peter J. Stang

Supramolecular chemistry. metallacyclic polygons and polyhedra via coordination

Phone: (801) 581-8329
Office: 2214 HEB

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Ryan P. Steele

Quantum theoretical methods for structure and dynamics; studies of catalysts and ions

Phone: (801) 587-3800
Office: 4611 TBBC

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Thanh N. Truong

Development and application of computational methods for catalysis

Phone: 801-581-4301
Office: 4613 TBBC

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Henry White

Henry S. White

Electrochemical methods for the analysis of in biological and nanoscale domains

Phone: (801) 585-6256
Office: B423 TBBC

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Luisa Whittaker-Brooks

Solid-state synthesis of nanostructures for solar, batteries, and electronics

Phone: (801) 587-9973
Office: 1320A HEB

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Ilya Zharov

Nanoporous materials, batteries, fuel cells, polymers, nanoparticles, membranes

Phone: (801) 587-9335
Office: 3416 TBBC

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Jessica Swanson

Jessica Swanson

Multiscale simulation and modeling of biomolecular and condensed phase systems

Phone: (801) 581-7485
Office: 4613 TBBC

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Emeritus Faculty

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