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Undergraduate Chemistry Degree Options


Major in Chemistry

Chemistry majors have the opportunity to pursue either the Bachelor of Science (BS) or Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree. The requirements to reach the BA or BS degree have been set forth by the University. The Chemistry requirements for each degree are the same.

There are 9 emphases offered to chemistry majors. Chemistry is the ONLY department at the U of U where a student can declare two emphases! Below you can see the course requirements for each emphasis, as well as a sample schedule for chemistry courses. Please make an appointment with the chemistry advisor to come up with an individual plan.

Please contact the chemistry advisor for more information your options as a chemistry major and to declare your major. 

**The Professional and Biological Programs are both certified by the American Chemical Society, but other emphases can be. Please see the chemistry advisor for more information.

Elective Class Options
Some of the emphases have a variety of classes students can choose from. A list for each emphasis can be found below, as well as on a DARS. All students have the option to get approval to take classes not found on DARS, but must get permission from the chemistry advisor first.

Premedical Students
Each of the programs outlined above are appropriate for pre-medical students. For more information please consult the Premedical Advising Office.

Study Abroad
Study abroad is possible even as a chemistry major. Please contact the chemistry advisor and the Study Abroad Office for more information.

BS/MS Degree in Chemistry

The BS/MS programin the Department of Chemistry is tailored to students interested in a focused and accelerated graduate degree program, combining graduate level coursework with research. The program allows advanced students to complete both their B.S. and M.S. degrees in five years, one year earlier than if the degrees were done separately. This gives students an advantage in the job market by providing them with more training, an advanced degree, more research experience and increased earning potential, or an advantage for entry into professional schools or Ph.D. programs. Students are accepted into the BS/MS program in the spring of their junior year. Click here for program details or contact Jon Rainier or Joeleen Thompson for more information. Download the application to apply by the April 1st deadline.

Minor in Chemistry

A chemistry minor requires a minimum of 20 semester hours of chemistry courses numbered 1210 or above, including two 3000-level or above courses (6 semester hours) in chemistry. A minimum of 6 semester hours must be taken in the Chemistry Department at the University of Utah. In the absence of a waiver from the Chemistry advisor, the 3000-level or above classes must be taken at the University of Utah. Online chemistry courses are generally not accepted for a chemistry minor. The GPA for chemistry courses taken at Utah must be 2.00 or greater, with at least a C- in each of the above-described classes, and at least a C for any transfer course.

  • Please email with your UMail account if you are interested in declaring a chemistry minor. Include your major and which chemistry classes you have taken and are planning to take. If you have any questions about the minor, email or attend drop-in hours (found here).
Last Updated: 11/4/16