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Inorganic Chemistry

  • Materials
  • Bio-Inorganic
  • Organometallics
  • Organocatalysis


Cynthia Burrows
Nucleic acid chemistry focusing on oxidative DNA damage, photochemistry of nucleic acids, and single molecule studies of modified DNA in protein nanopores.

Richard D. Ernst
Pentadienyl complexes of transition metals, with major emphasis on their bonding natures as well as potentially useful reaction chemistry.

Matthew T. Kieber-Emmons
Bioinorganic reaction mechanisms and bioinspired catalysts with application to health and energy.

Janis Louie
Discovery and development of transition metal-mediated reactions for the catalytic construction of structurally complex small molecules and polymeric materials.

Joel S. Miller
Preparing and studying new magnetic materials based on molecular inorganic, organometallic, and organic chemistry.

Thomas G. Richmond
The reaction chemistry of fluorocarbons with organometallic reagents to discover (and understand) new methods of activation and functionalization of Carbon-Fluorine bonds.

Reaction discovery and design for the chemical synthesis of small molecules and structurally unique peptide-based therapeutics.

Caroline Saouma
Transition-metal mediated small molecule activation, activation of O2 for fuel cell and synthetic applications, electrocatalytic CO2 fixation and CO2 reduction to methanol.

Matthew S. Sigman
Discovery and development of practical catalysts for use in organic synthesis and enantioselective reactions.

Peter J. Stang
Supramolecular chemistry. Nanoscale molecular architectures, metallacyclic polygons and polyhedra via coordination. Crystal engineering. Iodonium chemistry. Reactive Intermediates.

Luisa Whittaker-Brooks
Solid-state synthesis of inorganic/organic nanostructures, morphological and structural characterization by Synchrotron and in-house spectroscopy techniques, nanofabrication processes for energy conversion, batteries, and electronics.

Ilya Zharov
Nanoporous materials, functional organic and hybrid organic/inorganic materials, nanoparticles, surface chemistry, dendrimers, anti-cancer agents, self-assembly, molecular recognition.


  • Bioinorganic Chemistry
  • Homogenous Catalysis
  • Inorganic Mechanisms
  • Organometallic Chemistry I & II
  • Physical Inorganic Chemistry
  • Principles of Inorganic Chemistry
  • Solid State Chemistry
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