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Chemistry & Biochemistry Academic Advising

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Maddy Montgomery (she/her)

Crocker Science Center 240

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Henry Eyring Building 2112

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Crocker Science Center 240
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* When emailing, include both advisors to ensure a timely response.
Quick question? - come to Drop-In Hours

Academic advisors are here to help you make the most of your experience at the University of Utah. Please meet with your advisor once per semester, or at least once per year, to discuss progress toward your degree and any concerns you may have. This will allow you to know more about course availability and pre-requisites (which are strongly enforced). It is crucial that you work closely with your advisor to graduate without delay. If you are a transfer student, you are encouraged to meet with the department advisor early in your academic career, even prior to admission to the University of Utah.

Academic Advisors are available for:

  • Declaring a chemistry or biochemistry major
  • Explaining University graduation requirements, including general education, bachelor’s degree and course requirements for chemistry
  • Developing an educational plan that includes scheduling, timing and using the Degree Audit
  • Connecting with University and departmental opportunities and resources.
  • Evaluating chemistry transfer credits
  • Navigating the system from admissions to graduation and everything in between
  • Discussing anything regarding your education at the U of U.
  • If you need to DECLARE A MINOR,   please send an email to Hannah or Maddy from your umail account

Lab notebooks can be picked up in HEB 2112

The chemistry department will be accepting AP lab notebooks for evaluation by drop-off in CSC 240 Monday - Friday from 9 am - 4 pm. Students will receive an email to their umail account with the results of their evaluation which will also include the pickup location for their notebooks.

Students need to make sure their lab notebooks include: 1) their name, 2) their uNID, and 3) a table of contents labeling each lab.

If you have any questions, you can email a chemistry advisor. 

Would you like to get involved in volunteering through the chemistry department? ACSSC is a perfect opportunity to get kids excited about science in a variety of ways! Current involvement includes chemistry demonstrations at elementaries, middle schools, high schools, and Primary Childrens Medical Center, as well as tutoring at Bryant Middle School. Click on the following links to join ACS, email them with other questions that you may have, and like them on Facebook! You may also have the opportunity to go to the ACS national meeting.

A century ago, Marie Curie became the first scientist ever to win 2 Nobel Prizes. Her spectacular scientific career was achieved in spite of the obligations of family, extreme prejudice against women, a relentless search for research funding, and the battle for recognition that was her due. Thousands of women today continue to face similar struggles as young scientists, researchers, professors, and leaders in their fields.

Curie Club is made up of individuals committed to the advancement of science and to creating opportunities for women to make an even greater contribution to medicine, scientific research, environmental solutions and entrepreneurial innovation.

Would you like to make some money, while also working close to your chemistry classes? What better way then to become an employee of the Chemistry Department!? Here are some options for jobs you can apply for:

  • Teaching Assistant (TA): Contact Prof. Jeff Statler if you would like to help lead discussion or undergraduate laboratories, and ensure that freshmen/sophomores have a great experience in their first years in the chemistry department. (Class credit also available as a form of payment)
  • Laboratory Attendant: Contact Jared Smith to be involved in helping to prepare labs for undergraduate students, and ensure that students have a smooth and easy experimental procedure.
  • Click here for more opportunities!

Chemistry majors are strongly encouraged to participate in STEM experiences outside of the classroom, by involvement in both Research and Internships.

Research involves working with a U of U faculty member to experience the excitement of searching for answers to real world problems. There is no lab manual and there is no better way to learn chemistry than to apply all that you have learned in your courses to your own research project.

WIth an Internship, you can work with an employer in a position to give you skills and experience for what a chemist does after graduation. You are able to try out what your future career may look like, and make great connections and money while you do so!

There are a multitude of research and internship opportunities for undergraduates in chemistry, at U of U, in Utah and at institutions all over the country and even the world! Check out the pages above for advise on how to get involved, or schedule an appointment with your chemistry advisor to discuss the process and receive assistance. Don't forget to enroll in CHEM 4800 or 4965 once you find a group to make sure to waive an elective requirement for your emphasis!!

If you need some tutoring in chemistry, you can visit our general chemistry and organic chemistry study rooms found in the Henry Erying Building. You can get free help with chemistry concepts, class homework problems, lab prep/homework, studying for exams, and more! 

Additionally, the Learning Center is offering free tutoring to all students of the U in a variety of different topics.

If you would like tutoring for upper division chemistry courses, please refer to the graduate student tutoring list.


Need help in lower-division chem, biology, math, or physics courses? Visit the Learning Center (M LIB 1738). One-on-one tutoring is available for free to currently enrolled University of Utah students. See for more information.

**If you would like tutoring for upper division classes, come speak with a chemistry advisor.

Once you have found a professor to work with, you can apply to the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) and get paid $1200 your 1st semester, and $600 the following semester. Plus! You can also qualify to receive the Undergraduate Research Scholar Designation (URSD) on your transcripts.

Study abroad is possible even as a chemistry major. Please contact the chemistry advisor and the College of Science Learning Abroad Coordinator, Eric Boscan for more information.

A writing resource from your freshman classes through graduate school. They work on papers from all disciplines, not just writing classes. Best of all, the writing center is a free service to students and faculty of the University of Utah. They want to help you develop strategies to make you a better writer and help you see your potential as an academic author. Located on the 2nd floor of the Marriott Library.

If you are Pre-Health or Pre-Law, please schedule an appointment to see an advisor who can help prepare you to get into the program of your choice.

UCC offers opportunities for personal development that will lead to enhanced learning and contribution to the University. The Center helps students, staff, and faculty resolve existing problems, prevent potential problems, and develop new skills that will enrich their lives. Services address personal, career, and academic learning issues. Formats include individual and group counseling, classes, and workshops. Located in SSB Rm 426.

WRC at the University of Utah serves as the central resource for educational and support services for women.  Honoring the complexities of women’s identities, the WRC facilitates choices and changes through programs, counseling, and training grounded in a commitment to advance social justice and equality. Office in the Union, Rm 411.

The U of U's FREE online chemistry tutoring platform is a great resource for students! View the schedule to find out when a chemistry tutor is available to you for live, one-on-one tutoring!



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