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Graduate Student Resources

two graduate students working in the labThis page contains resources and information for current Graduate Students in the Department of Chemistry. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact Jo Hoovey in the Department of Chemistry Graduate Office, room 4404 TBBC, ext. 14393 or by email for more information.

Degree requirements, important program deadlines and general information about the graduate program can be found in the Chemistry Graduate Handbook.

Graduate students can also find useful information regarding tuition benefits, health insurance, fellowships, travel awards, writing courses and thesis editing and submission by visiting the University of Utah Graduate School website.

Graduate Student Forms:

Course Approval

First year student must have signed approval from a Faculty Advisor, or the Graduate Education Committee Chair prior to enrolling in course work. 

Selection of Faculty Research Advisor

At the end of the first semester in the program students choose a Research Advisor after interviewing faculty members and attending faculty research presentations.

Supervisory Committee

At the beginning of the second year in the program students are required to assemble a Supervisory Committee of 5 faculty members which includes the students Research Advisor, two faculty members from within your chosen field of study within chemistry, a chemistry faculty member outside your field of research and a faculty member from outside the department of chemistry.

U of U Graduate School Travel Assistance

If you are going to a conference to present your research findings, the Graduate School offers travel assistance for airfare, lodging and other expenses. Applications must be approval by the Graduate Education Committee Chair prior to being submitted to the Graduate School.

Last Updated: 8/9/18