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Physical Chemistry

  • Spectroscopy
  • Chemical Physics
  • Theoretical Chemistry
  • Biophysical


Scott L. Anderson
Nanoscale surface chemistry, catalysis, nanoparticle mass spectrometry, high energy density nanoparticle fuels, development of new techniques for nanoscale surface analysis.

Peter B. Armentrout
Mass spectrometry to study thermochemistry and dynamics of biological, environmental, organometallic and plasma reactions.

Bethany Buck-Koehntop 
Investigations of structure-function relationships in biomolecular interactions utilizing a combination of solution NMR spectroscopy, biophysics and molecular biology.

Michael Gr├╝nwald
Computer simulation and theory of the dynamics and interactions of nanoparticles: Self-assembly, structural transformations of nanocrystals, nanocrystal growth, rare events sampling methods.

Matthew T. Kieber-Emmons
Bioinorganic reaction mechanisms and bioinspired catalysts with application to health and energy.

Joel S. Miller
Preparing and studying new magnetic materials based on molecular inorganic, organometallic, and organic chemistry.

Valeria Molinero
Computer simulations and statistical mechanics methods to investigate disordered materials, from monatomic liquids to nanostructured polyelectrolyte membranes.

Michael D. Morse
Gas phase laser spectroscopy to study the electronic and geometric structure of metal and semiconductor clusters, and metal-ligand complexes.

Rodrigo Noriega
Investigating the connection between structure and function in complex macromolecular materials, with interests both in artificial macromolecules (synthetic polymers) and in biological ones (proteins, DNA).

Marc D. Porter
High-throughput methods, miniaturizing analytical instrumentation, FTIR, STM, AFM, SERS, electrochemistry, fluorescence microscopy, acoustic wave techniques, and spectroelectrochemistry.

Jennifer S. Shumaker-Parry
Nanoparticle synthesis and assembly, plasmonics, interfacial chemical analysis, fabricated nanostructures, surface plasmon resonance spectroscopy and microscopy, plasmon-based optical antennas, surface enhanced spectroscopy.

Ryan P. Steele
Quantum theoretical methods for structure and dynamics; studies of renewable energy catalysts, biological ions, ion solvation, and their spectroscopic signatures.

Thanh N. Truong
Development and application of computational methods for complex gas-phase combustion systems, structure and activity of metal oxides-gas and -liquid interfaces, and zeolite catalysis.

Luisa Whittaker-Brooks
Solid-state synthesis of inorganic/organic nanostructures, morphological and structural characterization by Synchrotron and in-house spectroscopy techniques, nanofabrication processes for energy conversion, batteries, and electronics.


  • Chemical Dynamics
  • Chemical Kinetics
  • Classical Thermodynamics
  • Computational Chemistry Laboratory
  • Condensed Phase Spectroscopy
  • Gas-Phase Spectroscopy
  • Introduction to Quantum Mechanics I & II
  • Introduction to Spectroscopy I. II, & III
  • Statistical Mechanics
  • Statistical Thermodynamics
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