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Visiting the Department of Chemistry

Students who have been invited to attend prescheduled visits at the Department of Chemistry in Salt Lake City, Utah will be asked to fill out the visit form. If you are unable to attend a visit during the arranged times and would still like to visit the department, it is possible to make arrangements for another time to visit. Visitors will participate in small group or individual appointments with appropriate faculty members as well as with several graduate students in the department.

Students should check their acceptance packets for more detailed information about arranging travel and visiting the department. Once you have received your acceptance packet, please fill out the form below to indicate your preferences for your visit.

Student Visit Registration Form

Potential students are invited to visit the department at the time of their choice. Please note that if a potential student visit has not been specifically mentioned in your acceptance packet you may need to contact Jo Hoovey in the Chemistry Department at 800-444-8638 ext. 14393 or by email for more information.

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Preferred Faculty to Meet
  1. Please select at least 5 faculty members whose research is of interest to you; we can't promise to match everyone's interests, but we will do our very best. Please refer to the Research section for the list of faculty and descriptions of their research programs.

    Hold down the <control> (Windows) or <command> (Mac) button to select a second or subsequent faculty member in a given division; to clear a selection, use the same method.

Other Information
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