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Undergraduate Permission Codes

 Be advised of the following:

  1. Confirm that you have requested the correct section number - a confirmation "ticket" will be sent to your u-mail immediately after you submit your permission code request. You may respond to this "ticket" email with any questions or updates.
  2. All responses will be sent to the requestor's u-mail.
  3.  It may take up to ONE WEEK (5 business days) for your request to be processed.
  4. Do NOT send multiple requests and please do not call asking us to expedite your request, it will prolong the process.

  5. All permission code requests are processed in the order that they were received.

Once you have read and understand that information above, please select the link below to request a permission code.

                    chemistry transfer

Summer 2020 Permission codes can be accessed by reaching out to the professor of the course from Fri 5/15 at noon through Wed, 5/20.

Graduate Course Permission Codes

If you are an undergraduate student and need a permission code for a graduate level course, you will need to e-mail the professor for approval, you will then forward their approval to Jo Vallejo and request a permission code for the course. 




Q: There are not any spots left but, I need that section of the course!

A: Unfortunately, once a course is filled, it is filled. This is especially the case with lab sections as we have to be in compliance with safety regulations. Try using schedule builder to see if there is any other way to plan your semester. Otherwise, we encourage you to watch the enrollment as enrollment numbers frequently change during the first week of classes. 


Q: Where do I enter my permission code?

A: Image of where to insert permission code.


Q: I still do not see where to enter my permission code.

A: Try removing the course from your shopping cart and add it again. The box for the permission code should appear.


Q: Why won’t my permission code work?

A: Permission codes will only work for the section it was assigned and can only be used once. If you are still having trouble, call Office of the Registrar (801-581-5808).


Q: Who do I contact if I need to change or add to my permission code request?

A: You can email the Chemistry Permission Code Team at to make changes to the section you have requested. If you are checking on the status of your permission code request, you must wait 5 business days after your request.


Last Updated: 5/15/20