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Ted Eyring at his retirement partyThe Edward M. Eyring Endowed Lectureship in Physical Chemistry

Professor Emeritus Edward (Ted) Eyring has been a pillar of the department for over 50 years. To celebrate Ted’s recent retirement and his tireless dedication to his students, the Department of Chemistry is raising funds to endow the Edward M. Eyring Lectureship in Chemistry. The Eyring Lectureship will invite eminent physical chemists to present their cutting edge research to our students and faculty at an annual lecture. We welcome your gift in support of this lectureship in Ted’s honor. Make your gift online here.


two graduate students working in the lab

The Gary E. Keck Endowed Graduate Fellowship

The Keck Fellowship will support one graduate student pursuing a Ph.D. in Chemistry each year. As an endowment, your generosity today will not only be a great endorsement of Gary, but will continue to benefit generations of future students. Support for graduate fellowships enables the Department to attract world class students for graduate study. This is a fitting tribute for Gary, an excellent mentor to so many outstanding chemists over his 37 years at the University of Utah.

"There are many of us in the academy and pharmaceutical industry who learned how to do science from Gary and rely on his teachings to this day. I speak for all of us when I say we are proud to have been part of that group and continue to carry on the standard of excellence Gary set. Gary deserves to be recognized for his mentorship, direction, and guidance.”   

Jerry Murry, Ph.D. '94
Vice President of Small Molecule Process and Product Development, Amgen

"His work has greatly extended our ability to form carbon-to-carbon bonds with control of both position and three dimensional orientation – the most challenging aspect of synthesis. The logical beauty and significance of his papers are stunning.”

EJ Corey, Ph.D.
Nobel Laureate (Chemistry 1990)
Professor Emeritus
Harvard University

"His early work on free radical allylation reactions was a landmark contribution that helped to move free radical reactions into a place of acceptability in organic chemistry… Keck showed that these could be highly useful reaction that could be applied in a broad range of situations with excellent results.”

Ei-ichi Negishi, Ph.D.
Nobel Laureate (Chemistry 2010)
Herbert C. Brown Distinguished Professor
Purdue University

Endowed Chairs and Professorships

Endowed Chairs and Professorships allow the Department of Chemistry to attract top faculty to the U. Such a gift is also a way to honor and remember esteemed members of our families or community (like the Henry Eyring Presidential Endowed Chair) and provide a lasting benefit for the Department.

Giving to Utah Chemistry

To discuss other ways you can give to the Department of Chemistry, please contact Heather Burkhart at 801-585-7896 or To make an online gift to the Department of Chemistry, please click here.

Last Updated: 3/10/17