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Research Opportunities

Chemistry majors are strongly encouraged to participate in research to experience the excitement of searching for answers to real world problems. There is no lab manual and there is no better way to learn chemistry than to apply all that you have learned in your courses to your own research project. There are a multitude of research opportunities for undergraduates in chemistry, at U of U and at institutions all over the country and even the world!

Year-Round Research Opportunities

Finding a Research Advisor:

View undergraduate Chemistry research job listings here!

After examining the faculty profiles/projects on the link above, students should be able to identify 3-4 professors whose research corresponds with their own interests, and apply for positions in the lab by visiting the application page. Students will need to complete an application for each professor of interest. The faculty will then review all applicants and contact each student  to make an appointment to discuss the possibility of being in their lab. Students should find out as much as possible about the goals and work environment of the research group, as well as be prepared to have a discussion with professors about their research and corresponding project. This can be achieved by thoroughly reading the linked publications under each faculty member's posting. Some questions students may wish to ask are:

  1. What are the real world impacts of this research?
  2. Could future undergraduate research in this lab be applied toward a peer-reviewed paper?
  3. Will I need to attend group meetings?
  4. Will I be working with a graduate student or post-doctoral mentor?
  5. How often will I have direct contact with the faculty member?

Students should also be prepared to answer questions about their academic and employment background from the faculty member.


Check out the Research Database to find research opportunities from around campus!

Funding Opportunities at the University of Utah:

Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP):

Independent Study:

Click on each of the thumbnails below to learn more about some of the students that have successfully completed undergraduate research in chemistry, the projects they have completed, and their post graduation plans.

jensen ahmed bjorge
bennett thorum petersen

 Summer Research Opportunities

Last Updated: 6/3/21