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Graduate Student Tutors

Department of Chemistry Tutors

The following graduate and undergraduate students are available to tutor for the courses indicated. You will be responsible for setting up financial arrangements with the individuals.







Adora Baldwin

EMAIL Gen Chem,Inorganic

Jeff Cross

801-585-4102 Organic, Gen Chem

Royce Davidson

801-750-4550 Elem Biorg, Gen, Inorg, Physical

Jay Kitt

801-913-9886 CHEM 1210, 1220, 3000, 5700

Nicholas Owens

EMAIL Gen Chem 1+2, Labs 1215+1225, Ochem 1+2+labs, Chem 3000, Quantum

Gunhee Song

702-545-5103 Org Chem I-2310, Org Chem II-2320

Emeritus Prof-Richard Steiner

801-582-5067 Org Chem I-2310 & Org Chem II-2320
Last Updated: 4/23/18