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Former Group Members


Yinghua Qiu


Flag of the Peoples Republic of China

Dr. Yinghua Qiu

Postdoctoral Researcher
September 2018 - September 2019

Research: Micro/Nanofluidics; Particle detection
with resistive-pulse

B.E.   Hefei University of Technology, China

Ph.D.  Southeast University, China

Current Position (Oct. 2019)Department of Mechanical Engineering at Shandong University

Alan Zhang

Dr. Alan ZhangFlag of the Peoples Republic of China

November 2014 - Feburary 2019

Research: Trapping and size analysis of individual nanoparticles, nanoparticle shape analysis.

B.Sc.   Xiamen University, China.

Ph.D. Univeristy of Utah

Current position (Oct. 2019): Idaho National

 Cherie Tan



Dr. Cherie TanFlag of the Peoples Republic of China

Postdoctoral Researcher
January 2013 - January 2019

Research: Exploring alpha-hemolysin protein channel as a tool to distinguish damaged DNA sites and study the kinetic behavior of DNA repair enzymes.

B.Sc.   University of Waterloo, Canada, and Harbin Institute of Technology, China.

Ph.D. Univeristy of Utah

Current position (Oct. 2019): Associate Professor at Tianjin University

 Nuwani Weerasinghe

Nuwani WeerasingheSri Lanka

Graduate Student
January 2018

Research: Nanopore research.

B.Sc.   University of Colombo, Sri Lanka


Cameron Cheyne

Shane DouglasFlag of the United States of America

Graduate Student
January 2017

Research: Electrochemical studies of nanobubbles by evolving gases at nanoelectrodes.

B.A.   Ferris State University

Hang Ren

Dr. Hang RenFlag of the Peoples Republic of China

Postdoctoral Researcher
June 2016

Research: Ion channel recording analysis of DNA damage.

Current Position: Assistant Professor at Miami University, Ohio

Link to faculty profile

Ph.D.   University of Michigan

B.Sc.    Sun Yat-Sen University, China.

Donny Robinson

Dr. Nicholas GeorgescuFlag of the United States of America

Postdoctoral Researcher
April 2018

Research: Experimental and Theoretical Aspect of Nanoelectrochemistry and Materials.

B.Sc. + B.A.   Northern Kentucky University

Ph.D.   Case Western Reserve University

Sean German

 Dr. Sean GermanFlag of the United States of America

Postdoctoral Researcher
April 2017

Research: Nucleation and dynamics of nanobubbles, Atomic Force Microscopy, and nanopore based characterization of nanoparticles.

B.A.   Saint Olaf College

Ph.D.   University of Utah

 Kim Mckelvey



Dr. Kim McKelveyFlag of New Zealand/Aotearoa

Associate Professor
July 2015 - September 2017

Current Position: Associate Professor at Trinity College, Dublin

Link to faculty profile

Ph.D.           University of Warwick, UK.
M.Sc.           University of Warwick, UK.
M.App.Sc.   University of Otago, NZ.
B.App.Sc.    University of Otago, NZ.


Alvaro Moreno


Alvaro MorenoFlag of the United States of America

Visiting Graduate Student, Universiteit Twente, The Netherlands

April 2017

Research: Physics of Fluids. Transporting Gas Away from a Catalyst Surface.

Ing. Sup. Universidad de Sevilla, Spain
M. Sc. Technische Universität München, Germany

Yuwen Liu

Dr. Yuwen LiuFlag of the Peoples Republic of China

Visiting Scholar
January 2016

Research: Nanoelectrochemistry and computational electrochemistry.

Ph.D.     Wuhan University, China.

B.Sc.     Wuhan University, China.

Roland Jones

Roland Manning Jones IIIFlag of the United States of America

Graduate Student
May 2016

Current Position: PhD student in Armentrout Group, Chemistry, University of Utah. 


B. Sc. University of North Carolin

Qianjin Chen

Dr. Qianjin ChenFlag of the Peoples Republic of China

Postdoctoral Researcher
December 2013

Current Position: Distinguished Researcher Donghua Univeristy, Shanghai

Link to faculty page

Research: Electrochemical nucleation of nanobubbles and its physical properties, ion transport within nanogap cells, electrochemical control of polymerization.

Ph.D. Chinese University of Hong Kong, China.
B. Eng. Sichuan University, China.

Flag of the United Kingdon

Dr. Robert Johnson

Marie Curie International Research Fellow
January 2013 - March 2016

Current Position: University of Lincoln, UK. 

Link to faculty profile

Research: Using alpha-hemolysin as a sensor to detect damage in double-stranded DNA and a tool to understand DNA biophysical behaviors (e.g. breathing, base-flipping) at the single molecule level.

Ph.D., University of Southampton, UK.
M.Chem., University of Southampton, UK.
Haibing Li

Prof. Haibing LiFlag of the Peoples Republic of China

Visiting Professor
July 2015 - March 2016

Current Position: Central China Normal University.

Research:  Chiral nanopore transport of biomolecules.

Professor, Central China Normal University, China.
Associate Professor,  Huazhong University Science & Technology,  China.
Postdoctoral Fellow, CNRS, France.
Ph.D., Wuhan University, China.

Dr. Rukshan PereraFlag of Sri Lanka

Graduate Student
April 2012 - March 2016

Current Position: Brown Univeristy, Providence, Rhode Island.

Research: Mass transport in conical shape glass nanopores. Using protein nanopores to detect biomarkers and monitor structural differences between nucleic acid duplexes.

MSc. Central Michigan University, MI

Institute of Chemistry Ceylon

Rajarata University of Sri Lanka


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