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New Molecules

Over the past several years we have published the first spectroscopic observations of a large number of molecules. There is nothing I like better than to be able to write up a definitive report of a new molecule which was previously unknown, and to provide details such as the nature of the ground and excited electronic states, including bond lengths, vibrational frequencies, bond dissociation energies, and electronic state symmetries. It is very exciting to be the first person in the world to learn anything about a new molecule, and then to be able to provide a detailed understanding of how the molecule is held together. The following molecules represent species for which our group provided the first spectroscopic identification in the gas phase:

Coinage Group Dimers: CuAg, CuAu, and AgAu
Nickel Group Dimers: NiPd, NiPt, PdPt, and Pt2
Mixed Nickel-Coinage Group Dimers: NiCu, NiAu, and PtCu
Transition Metal Aluminides: AlCa, AlV, AlCr, AlMn, AlCo, AlNi, AlCu, AlZn, and AlY

Transition Metal Silicides: NiSi, RuSi, PdSi, OsSi, and IrSi

Transition Metal Carbides: VC, CrC, NiC, MoC, PdC, TaC, WC, and OsC
Mixed Early-Late Transition Metal Dimers: ScCo, TiCo, YCo, ZrCo, ScNi, YPd, and YCu
Multiply-Bonded Transition Metal Dimers: VCr, NbCr, VMo, NbMo, CrW, TiFe, ZrFe
Transition Metal Cations: Co2+, Ti2+, V2+, and Co3+ (bond dissociation energies)
Main Group Metal Dimers: LiCa
Coinage Group Trimers: Cu2Ag, Cu2Au, CuAgAu, Ag2Au, and Au3
Main Group Trimers: Al3, Si2N, and Bi3
Semiconductor Dimer: GaAs
Unsaturated Transition Metal-Ligand Complexes: CrCCH, CrCH3, NiCCH, NiCH3, CuCCH

Last Updated: 6/3/21