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Andrew Sevy 

Andrew Sevy - Andrew obtained his B.S. degree from Brigham Young University-Idaho, in Rexburg, Idaho.  He began his graduate work at the University of Utah during the summer of 2015, working in the Morse group that summer.  Although he initially worked to record spectra of CrW, he has concentrated on measuring bond dissociation energies by observing the onset of predissociation in a complicated electronic spectrum.  He has measured and published bond dissociation energies of TiC, TiSi, TiSe, ZrC, ZrSi, ZrSe, VSi, VSe, NbC, NbSi, NbSe, TaC, TaSi, TaSe, ThC, WC, WSi, WS, WSe, and WCl.  His results on FeSi, RuSi, OsSi, CoSi, RhSi, IrSi, NiSi, and PtSi are currently under review.  Bond dissociation energies of ScC, ScSi, YC, YSi, LaC, LaSi, and CoC have been measured and are currently being written up for publication.


 Jason Sorensen



Jason Sorensen - Jason obtained his B.S. degree from the University of Southern Oregon and began his graduate studies at the University of Utah in September, 2015.  Jason plans to work to develop the ion trap photodissociation experiment, and has also been working to measure bond dissociation energies.  Thusfar, he has published bond dissociation energy measurements for TiSi, TiSe, ZrSi, ZrSe, HfSi, HfSe, VSi, VSe, NbSi, NbSe, TaSi, and TaSe.  He has also measured the bond dissociation energies of ScS, YS, TiN, TiS, ZrS, HfS, NbS, TaS, CoS, RuS, and RhS.  This work will be written up for publication shortly.


Dakota Merriles – Dakota obtained his B.S. degree from Indiana University of Pennsylvania in 2017, and began his graduate studies at the University of Utah in August of that year.  He joined the Morse group in January, 2018 and has since successfully measured and published the bond dissociation energies for FeB, CoB, NiB, RuB, RhB, OsB, IrB, and PtB. His results on the bond dissociation energies of ScB, TiB, VB, YB, ZrB, NbB, LaB, HfB, TaB, and WB are currently being written up for publication. 


Undergraduate Students:



EriCk Tieu 

Erick Tieu - Erick graduated from the University of Utah with a double major in chemistry and chemical engineering in 2017.  He took quantum mechanics and spectroscopy from Michael Morse in Fall 2015 and has been working in the Morse group since May, 2016.  He enjoyed working in the group so much that he has continued after graduation.  He has helped us by writing LabView code to control a dye laser and to allow background subtraction in our excited state lifetime measurements.  He also worked on




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