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Group Photos

August 2023 Irvine, CA

Prof. Ming Hammond (Program Director)and Mina Done (undergraduate  Beckman Scholar) at the Beckman Scholar's Symposium

Prof Ming Hammond and Mina Done

December 2022 Holiday Photo


June 2022 Five PhDs!

2022 PhDs

November 2021 Thanksgiving lunch!


August 2021 Congrats to Drs. Megan Browning and Sam Redstone!


March 2021 Selma's Farewell Hike


December 2020 Masked Cookie Exchange


January 2020 XC Ski Outing


2019 Women in the Burrows Group 


2018 Burrows Group


July 2018 Burrows Group Bear Lake Retreat



2016 Burrows Group

Burrows Group Photo 2016

Aaron Rogers, Tao Zeng, Julia Zhu, Yun Ding, Judy Zhu, Jingwei Ma, Megan Browning, Aaron Fleming, Jean-Louis Mergny (visiting from Bourdeaux), Carla Omaga, Anton Alenko, Sam Redstone, Tony Hanelli, Cynthia J Burrows

2014 Burrows Group 

Burrows Group 2014


Back Row: Xibo Li, Shawn Burton, Aaron Fleming, Fatjon Hanelli , Anton Alenko, Omar Alshykhly
Front Row: Jan Riedl, Cindy Burrows, Carla Omaga, Na An, Judy Zhu, Yun Ding , Cherie Tan (White Group), Ania Wolna

2013 Burrows Group

Burrows Group Summer 2013

2012 Burrows Group

Burrows Group July 2012

Back row (L-R): Uday Ghanty, Judy Zhue, Pranjali Ghude, Anna Wolna, Yun Ding, Na An, Marnii Coleman, Cynthia Burrows

Front row (L-R): Xibo Li, Corin Thummel, Lidong He, Omar Alshykhly, Aaron Fleming, Adam Hollerbach, Khiem Nguyen

2011 Burrows Group

Burrows Group May 2011

Back row (L-R): Aaron Fleming, Omar Alshykhly, Arunkumar Kannan, Nicole Rosencranz

Front row (L-R): Yimin Zhao, Yun Ding, Na An, Pranjali Ghude, Anna Wolna, Cynthia Burrows, Eric Middleton, Jim Muller, Khiem Nguyen, Uday Ghanty, Lidong He, Xibo Li

December 2011 Nanopore/DNA Group

Nanopore Group - December 2011

Comprised of members of the Burrows and White groups.

Last Updated: 9/5/23