Burrows Group 2016


Burrows Group Photo 2016

Aaron Rogers, Tao Zeng, Julia Zhu, Yun Ding, Judy Zhu, Jingwei Ma, Megan Browning, Aaron Fleming, Jean-Louis Mergny (visiting from Bourdeaux), Carla Omaga, Anton Alenko, Sam Redstone, Tony Hanelli, Cynthia J Burrows


Burrows Group 2014

 Burrows Group 2014


Back Row: Xibo Li, Shawn Burton, Aaron Fleming, Fatjon Hanelli , Anton Alenko, Omar Alshykhly
Front Row: Jan Riedl, Cindy Burrows, Carla Omaga, Na An, Judy Zhu, Yun Ding , Cherie Tan (White Group), Ania Wolna

Burrows Group 2013

Burrows Group Summer 2013

Burrows Group 2012

Burrows Group July 2012

Back row (L-R): Uday Ghanty, Judy Zhue, Pranjali Ghude, Anna Wolna, Yun Ding, Na An, Marnii Coleman, Cynthia Burrows

Front row (L-R): Xibo Li, Corin Thummel, Lidong He, Omar Alshykhly, Aaron Fleming, Adam Hollerbach, Khiem Nguyen

Burrows Group 2011

Burrows Group May 2011

Back row (L-R): Aaron Fleming, Omar Alshykhly, Arunkumar Kannan, Nicole Rosencranz

Front row (L-R): Yimin Zhao, Yun Ding, Na An, Pranjali Ghude, Anna Wolna, Cynthia Burrows, Eric Middleton, Jim Muller, Khiem Nguyen, Uday Ghanty, Lidong He, Xibo Li

Nanopore/DNA Group

Nanopore Group - December 2011

Comprised of members of the Burrows and White groups.