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Group Members

Current Members


Aaron Fleming

Research Associate Professor

Education:    B.S. Biochemistry, Adams State College

                            Ph.D. Chemistry, University of Utah

Project:          Study chemistry and biology of guanine oxidation products

Interests:       Running, reading, hiking


Songjun Xiao

Posdoctoral Fellow


Shereen Howpay Manage

Graduate Student

Education:     B.S. Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, University of Colombo

Project:           Evaluate the impact of G-quadruplex structures in DNA on BER activity

Interests:       Reading, cooking, crafts


Ngoc Luong Bao (Angie) Nguyen

Graduate Student

Education:     B.S. Biochemistry, University of Mississippi

Project:          Investigate the interplay between G-quadruplex structures and m6A modifications

Interests:       Baking, trying different cuisines


Michael Chabot

Graduate Student

Education:     B.S. Biochemistry, California State Polytechnic University

Project:           Study the lesion 5-carboxamido-5-formamido-2-iminohydantoin (d2Ih)

Interests:       Skiing, hiking, camping, sports


Nicole Mathewson

Graduate Student

Education:     B.S. Medical Biology with a minor in Chemistry, University of New England

Project:           Evaluate guanine oxidation products in RNA

Interests:       Hiking, backpacking, volleyball, traveling, concerts


Judy Zhu

Graduate Student

Education:     B.S. Chemistry, University of Utah

Project:           Study guanine oxidation with genomic sequencing

Interests:       Baking, reading


Jackson Gargaro

Graduate Student

Education:     B.S. Biochemistry, Middle Tennessee State University

Project:           Understanding the effects of guanine oxidation of potential G-quadruplex forming sequences in nucleosomes

Interests:       Hiking/camping, traveling, music, and reading


Justin Dingman

Graduate Student


Dayel Przybyla

Undergraduate Student

Education:     B.S. Chemistry

                            B.S. Biology

Project:          Study oxidation in G-quadruplexes.

Interests:       Reading, running, hiking, strategy games 


Pengyue (Benjamin) Zhang

Undergraduate Student

Education:     B.S. Chemistry

Project:          Study chemistry of the modified nucleoside pseudouridine.

Interests:       Hiking, international travel, watching movies

Recent Former Members

Yun Ding, Post Doc

Tao Zeng, Post Doc

Jan Riedl, Post Doc

Megan Browning, Graduate Student

Sam Redstone, Graduate Student

Anton Alenko, Graduate Student

Jingwei Ma, Graduate Student

Carla Omaga, Graduate Student

Aaron Rogers, Graduate Student

Andrew Vinyard, Graduate Student

Helen Donelick, REU Student

Madeline Meyer, REU Student

Kayla Stewart, Undergraduate Student

Joshua Visser, Undergraduate Student

Julia Zhu, Undergraduate Student

Tyler Ball, High School Student

Gabriela Eyring, High School Student

Manuel Jara-Espejo, Visiting Student

Selma Esders, Visiting Student

Last Updated: 9/1/21