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 Chemistry Department Safety Committee

The safety committee assists the Department Chair with the development and implementation of the Departmental Chemical Hygiene Plan. The committee is also responsible working with the Office of Environmental Health and Safety (OEHS), providing advice and assistance to personnel on various OEHS matters. These include: regular meetings with safety officers from every group, investigating accidents and near misses, administrating a lab inspection program, and recordkeeping of inspection, training, and reports for the department. 


Holly L. Sebahar, Chair (

Bethany A. Buck-Koehntop (

Richard Ernst (

Jim Muller (

Caroline T. Saouma (

David R. Thomas (

Questions and concerns can be sent to

Safety Information and Resources

The Department of Chemistry Chemical Hygiene Plan and other  resources related to safety are stored on the Canvas Safety Site.  University of Utah employees and students may gain access to the site by sending your University ID number to Mr. Trevani Wolfgramm (

 Evacuation Plans and Procedures

Acrobat Reader file iconAssembly Area A
Acrobat Reader file iconAssembly Area B
Acrobat Reader file iconAssembly Area C
Acrobat Reader file iconAssembly Area D
Acrobat Reader file iconEmergency Response Team Assignments
Acrobat Reader file iconEmergency Response Team Responsibilities
Acrobat Reader file iconEvacuation Plan Basement
Acrobat Reader file iconEvacuation Plan Level 1
Acrobat Reader file iconEvacuation Plan Level 2
Acrobat Reader file iconEvacuation Plan Level 3
Acrobat Reader file iconEvacuation Plan Level 4

 Chemical Exchange Program

Environmental Health & Safety offers a free Chemical Exchange Program. If you need a chemical or wish to donate one you no longer need, please see the EHS Chemical Exchange Program at the following link. All chemicals on the list are free and can be delivered to any lab on campus.

 MSDS Links

The U of U Chem Dept no longer maintains an MSDS database**. Contact the sources listed below for up-to-date information on specific products.

Chemical Companies:

Environmental Health & Safety:

Environmental Protection Agency:

MSDS Sheets:

Occupational Safety & Health Administration:

Safety Sites:

** We no longer have an MSDS database. It was originally created to assist our own department during a time when there was virtually nothing online through the chemical companies. Our database was very outdated and we had numerous requests from vendors to remove sheets that referred to their chemical products. We also have an obligation to not proliferate the problem by giving the database over to someone else. Failing to honor these requests could comprise possible legal issues. As an individual or a company, you are free to browse the Internet, copy MSDS's from vendors, and maintain them on your local system. We do not manufacture chemicals and so do not have the right or the responsibility to maintain a public database.

Thank you for honoring our choice.

Last Updated: 3/22/17