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Olja Simoska Receives Bridge Forward Award

After reviewing 26 candidates from 23 universities in 7 different countries, Ereztech BridgeForward announced the 2020 award winners. Applicants were challenged to explore their mentorship lineage, capture its history, and evaluate their current scientific challenges through the eyes of their academic forefathers. The winning candidates displayed exceptional insight and professionalism throughout their essays. Each winner received a $1,500 fellowship award.

Olja Simoska completed her doctorate under the tutelage of Professor Keith S. Stevenson. Her doctoral dissertation is titled “Real-time Monitoring of the Dynamic Metabolism and Responses of Pathogenic Bacteria using Electroanalytical Methods.” Stevenson studied here at the University of Utah with Professor Henry White. You can read Olja's essay here to read more about the significance of her mentorship lineage. 

To support growth and innovation in the young scientific community, they hold our annual Ereztech BridgeForward™ Award, a financial award program recognizing gifted graduate students and recent post-doctoral graduates pursuing careers in organometallic chemistry and materials science.

Last Updated: 6/3/21