Current Members


Jon D. Rainier

Principle Investigator

When not working on Chemistry, Jon likes to spend his days on the slopes of Snowbird Resort.


Sebastian Röttger

Ph.D. Candidate

My research interest is synthetic chemistry and particularly reaction development. My former degree is a B.S. (or B.Sc.) from the Technische Universität Braunschweig (or TU Braunschweig).


Jinya Yin

Graduate Student

I received my B.S. from China Pharmaceutical University. My current researches focus on the application of photoeletrocyclization reactions in the synthesis of biological relevant compounds. When not working on Chemistry, I like to spend his days my the slopes of ski resorts in Cottonwood Canyons.












Changhang Dai

Graduate Student

My interests lies on developing new methodology that can simplify natural product synthesis. I received my bachelor degree from Nankai University, China.







Alex Wade

Graduate Student

My research interests are VLC-PUFA synthesis, drug development and drug discovery.







 Joshua Walker


My research interests are Organic chemistry, nuclear engeneering, and renewable energy. I hold an Associates of Science from Weber State University. I am currently pursuing an honors Bachelors in chemistry with a minor in nuclear engeneering.




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