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Minteer Group Updates

January 2019 - Welcome to Min Li, who is a new post-doc in the group.

August 2018 - Congrats to Sofiene Abdellaoui for his new academic position in France.

Summer 2018 - Welcome to Kevin Klunder, who is a new post-doc in the lab.

January 2018 - Welcome to Erin Gaffney, Zayn Rhodes, Jack Lee, Kasha Lim, and Daisy Dong who joined the group as new graduate students. 

January 2018- Congratulations for Florika Macazo as she heads off to Cincinnati for a new job!!!

December 2017 - Congratulations to Bassam Alkotaini as he heads off to a new job at BioFire Diagnostics here in the valley!!!

March 2017 - Congratulations to Tao Wang on defending his dissertation and preparing to head off to a post-doc in Viola Birss' lab at the University of Calgary!!

November 2016- Congratulations to Dayi Chen on defending her thesis and starting a post-doc at Notre Dame!!!

August 2016- Congratulations to Yaovi Holade as he leaves for France to start his own assistant professor position!!!

April 2016- Matteo Grattieri and Kamrul Hasan join the lab as post-docs.

March 2016- Congratulations to Lindsey Pelster on defending her thesis and starting a new job in California!!!

January 2016- Congratulations to Russ Reid on defending his thesis and starting a post-doc at the Naval Research Lab!!!

January 2016- Erika, Rong, and Wade joined the lab as graduate students.

Last Updated: 6/14/19