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The Minteer Research Group


Welcome to the Minteer Research Group!  

The Minteer research group works at the interface of electrochemistry, biology, synthesis, and materials chemistry. We strive to provide solutions and address challenges in the areas of catalysis, fuel cells, sensing, and energy storage. Members of the group learn and develop mastery in multi-disciplinary fields through both internal and external collaborations. A culture of creativity is a part of our DNA. In the past 20 years, inclusion and diversity have driven our innovation and research successes. Everyone is welcome – as we continue to create an inclusive culture where all forms of diversity are seen as real values for the advancement of science and society. 


Recent Research Highlights

Chen, H.; Tang, T.; Malapit, C. A.; Lee, Y. S.; Prater, M. B.; Weliwatte, S. W.; Minteer, S. D., One-Pot Bioelectrocatalytic Conversion of Chemically Inert Hydrocarbons to Imines. Journal of the American Chemical Society. 2022.


Dong, F.; Lee, Y.S.; Gaffney, E.M.; Liou, W.; Minteer, S.D. Engineering Cyanobacterium with Transmembrane Electron Transfer Ability for Bioelectrochemical Nitrogen FixationACS Catalysis, 2021.


Li, M.; Agarwal, G.; Shkrob, I. A.; VanderLinden, R. T.; Case, J.; Prater, M.; Rhodes, Z.; Assary, R. S. Minteer, S. D., Critical Role of Structural Order in Bipolar Redox-active Molecules for Organic Redox Flow Batteries. Journal of Materials Chemistry A. 2021, 9, 23563.


Contact Information

Shelley Minteer
315 S 1400 E Rm. B611
TBBC (Thatcher Bld)
Salt Lake City, UT 84112
Office: (801) 587-8325

Last Updated: 2/11/22