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The Minteer Research Group



Welcome to the Minteer Research Group!  

The Minteer research group works at the interface of electrochemistry, biology, synthesis, and materials chemistry. We strive to provide solutions and address challenges in the areas of catalysis, fuel cells, sensing, and energy storage. Members of the group learn and develop mastery in multi-disciplinary fields through both internal and external collaborations. A culture of creativity is a part of our DNA. In the past 20 years, inclusion and diversity have driven our innovation and research successes. Everyone is welcome – as we continue to create an inclusive culture where all forms of diversity are seen as real values for the advancement of science and society. 


Recent Research Highlights

B.K. Peters, K.X. Rodriguez, S.H. Reisberg, S.B. Beil, D.P. Hickey, Y. Kawamata, M. Collins, J. Starr, L. Chen, S. Udyavara, K. Klunder, T. Gorey, S.L. Anderson, M. Neurock, S.D. Minteer, and P.S. Baran, “Scalable and safe synthetic organic electroreduction inspired by Li-ion battery chemistry,” Science, 2019, 363, 838-845.

G. Pankratova, D. Pankratov, R.D. Milton, S.D. Minteer, and L. Gorton, “Following Nature: Bioinspired Mediation Strategy for Gram-positive Bacterial Cells,” Advanced Energy Materials, 2019, 1900215.

H. Chen, R. Cai, J. Patel, F. Dong, H. Chen, and S.D. Minteer, “Upgraded Bioelectrocatalytic N2 Fixation to Chiral Amine Intermediates,” Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2019, 141, 4963-4971.


Y. Kawamata, J.C. Vantourout, D.P. Hickey, P. Bai, L. Chen, Q. Hou, W. Qiao, K. Barman, M. Edwards, A. Garrido-Castro, J. deGruyter, H. Nakamura, K. Knouse, C. Qin, K. Clay, D. Bao, C. Li, J. Starr, C. Garcia-Irizarry, N. Sach, H. White, M. Neurock, S.D. Minteer, and P. Baran,  “Electrochemically Driven, Ni-Catalyzed Aryl Amination: Scope, Mechanism, and Applications,” Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2019, 141, 6392-6402.


M. Yuan, M. Kummer, R. Milton, T. Quah, and S.D. Minteer, “Efficient NADH Regeneration by a Redox Polymer-Immobilized Enzymatic System,” ACS Catalysis, 9, 5486-5495.


B. Bulutoglu, F. Macao, J. Bale, N. King, D. Baker, S.D. Minteer, and S. Banta, “Multimerization of an Alcohol Dehydrogenase by Fusion to a Designed Self-Assembling Protein Results in Enhanced Bioelectrocatalytic Operational Stability,” ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2019, 11, 20022-20028.


L. Lancaster, D.H. Hickey, M.S. Sigman, S.D. Minteer, and I. Wheeldon, “Bioinspired design of a hybrid bifunctional enzymatic/organic electrocatalyst for site selective alcohol oxidation,” ChemComm, 2018, 54, 491-494.


R.D. Milton, T. Quah, S. Abdellaoui, and S.D. Minteer, “Bioelectrocatalytic NAD+/NADH Inter-Conversion: Transformation of an Enzymatic Fuel Cell into an Enzymatic Redox Flow Battery,” ChemComm, 2017, 53, 8411-8414.


M. Grattieri, R.D. Milton, S. Abdellaoui, K. Hasan, M. Suvira, B. Alkotaini, and S.D. Minteer, “Investigating Extracellular Electron Transfer of Rikenella microfusus: a Recurring Bacterium in Mixed-Species Biofilms,” Sustainable Energy & Fuels, 2017, 1, 1568-1572.


K. Hasan, M. Grattieri, T. Wang, R.D. Milton, and S.D. Minteer, “Enhanced Bioelectrocatalysis of Shewanella oneidensis MR-1 by a Naphthoquinone Redox Polymer,” ACS Energy Letters, 2017, 2, 1947-1951.


F. Macazo, D.P. Hickey, S. Abdellaoui, M.S. Sigman, and S.D. Minteer, “Polymer-Immobilized, Hybrid Multi-Catalyst Architecture for Enhanced Electrochemical Oxidation of Glycerol,” ChemComm, 2017, 53, 10310-10313.


N. Khadka, R.D. Milton, S. Shaw, D. Lukoyanov, D. Dean, S.D. Minteer, S. Raugei, B. Hoffman, and L. Seefeldt, “The Mechanism of Nitrogenase H2 Formation by Metal-Hydride Protonation Probed by Mediated Electrocatalysis and H/D Isotope Effects,” Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2017, 129(38), 13518-13524.

R.D. Milton, R. Cai, S. Sahin, S. Abdellaoui, B. Alkotaini, D. Leech, and S.D. Minteer, “The In Vivo Potential-Regulated Protective Protein of Nitrogenase in Azotobacter vinelandii Supports Aerobic Bioelectrochemical Dinitro-gen Reduction In Vitro,” Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2017, 139, 9044-9052.


Y. Liu, D.P. Hickey, J.Y. Guo, E. Earl, S. Abdellaoui, R. Milton, M.S. Sigman, S.D. Minteer, and S. Calabrese Barton, “Substrate Channeling in an Artificial Metabolon: A Molecular Dynamics Blueprint for an Experimental Peptide Bridge,” ACS Catalysis, 2017, 7, 2486-93.


K. Van Nguygen, Y. Holade, and S.D. Minteer, “DNA redox hydrogels: Improving mediated enzymatic bioelectrocatalysis,” ACS Catalysis, 2016, 6, 2603-2607

ACS Van Nguygen Abstract Graphic

R.D. Milton, T. Wang, K. Knoche, and S.D. Minteer, “Tailoring Biointerfaces for Electrocatalysis,” Langmuir, 2016, 32, 2291-2301

Langmuir Milton Abstract Graphic

T. Wang, R.D. Milton, S. Adellaoui, D.P. Hickey, and S.D. Minteer, “Laccase Inhibition by As3+/As5+: Determination of Inhibition Mechanism and Preliminary Application to a Self-Powered Biosensor,” Analytical Chemistry, 2016, 88, 3243-3248

Analytical Chemistry Wang Abstract Graphic

I. Wheeldon, S.D. Minteer, S. Banta, S. Calabrese Barton, P. Atanassov, and M. Sigman, “Substrate channeling as an approach to cascade reactions,” Nature Chemistry, 2016, 8, 299-309

Contact Information

Shelley Minteer
315 S 1400 E Rm. B611
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