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Miller Group Equipment

Our group is well equipped for the synthesis and analysis of molecular materials. Each hood has a Schlenk line and we have six glove boxes: three for air- and moisture-sensitive syntheses, one box houses a TGA, one contains a CVD apparatus for the preparation of magnetic thin films, and one contains an evaporator. Jim does synthesis in the double box (right) and Oyvind prepares a sample for TGA/MS (below).

We have two infrared spectrometers for measurement in both the mid-IR and the far-IR. We have a thermogravimetric analyzer in a glove box that is attached to a mass spectrometer. The TGA/MS is capable of measuring mass losses from air-sensitive materials with real-time analysis of the volatilized products. The mass spec is in the upper left of the photo at left.

Our group has two magnetometers from Quantum Design. One is a MPMS (magnetic properties measurement system) with a SQUID detector. It is capable of fields up to 5 Tesla and as low as 0.02 G. It can detect moments as low as 10-8 emu. Measurments can be made between 1.8 and 400 K.
The PPMS (physical properties measurement system) is capable of fields up to 9 Tesla. It detects moments as low as 10-6 emu, and has the added capability of heat capacity measurements
Last Updated: 6/3/21