William W. Shum

William W. Shum

Theoretical, Physical, and Materials Chemistry

Condensed Matter Physics

B.S., Ph.D., University of Utah

(Currently at Cornell University)

Research Interests:

Magnetic Interactions in Novel Molecule-based Materials

The development of molecule-based materials with unusual magnetic properties leads to new science and technology. My research utilized both theoretical and physical approach to deeply understand the electronic and magnetic properties of molecule-based materials. Novel molecule-based materials are synthesized by molecular and organic building blocks such as tetracyanoethylene leads to potentially new applications such as molecular-switches and spintronics.
The understanding of their electronic structures and magnetic interactions is essential. In my research, I utilize both theoretical and experimental methods to study properties of molecule-based materials, from molecular building blocks to metal-radical molecule-based magnets to three dimensional extended structures. Computational simulations (such as Hartree-Fock-based methods and density functional theory) are used to study their electron and spin correlation which leads to magnetic ordering. The spin interactions of such materials have been extensively studied by both computational simulations and physical experiments.

Computational simulated ferrimagnetic spin density of the 2-D layered
[Fe(TCNE)(NCMe)2][FeCl4] organic-based magnet
(Phys. Rev. B2009, 80, 64403.)
Hc(T) magnetic phase diagram of [Ru2(O2CMe)4]3[Cr(CN)6]
(J. Phys. Chem. C2008, 112, 7936-7938.)
Interpenetrated Lattice [Ru2(O2CMe)4]3[Cr(CN)6] Magnetic hysteresis of [Ru2(O2CMe)4]3[Cr(CN)6] as a function of pressure. (Adv. Mater.2007, 19, 2910-2913.)

Bonding of tetracyanobenzene [TCNB].- radical anion leads to fractionally charge sharing triad [TCNB]32-. (Angew Chem. Int. Ed. 2006, 45, 5322.)

SOMO for [TCNB].-  au HOMO of [TCNB]32-

Calculated singly occupied molecular orbital (SOMO) for [TCNB].- and the 2-electron-12-center (2e-/12c) bonding orbital for the fractional charge sharing [TCNB]32-.


B.S. University of Utah

Ph.D. University of Utah


Cheves T. Walling Graduate Research Prize

University of Utah Department of Chemistry Graduate Poster Session Award

University of Utah Graduate Research Fellowship

Publications: (24 Articles)

"Giant Antiferromagnetically Coupled Moments in a Molecule-Based Magnet with Interpenetrating Lattices"
Fishman, R. S.; Okamoto, S.; Shum, W. W.; Miller, J. S. Phys. Rev. B2009, 80, 064401. [5 pages]

"Spin Polarized Electronic Structure for the Layered Two-Dimensional [FeII(TCNE)(NCMe)2][FeIIICl4] Organic-based Magnet"
Shum, William. W.; Epstein, Arthur. J.; Miller, Joel. S. Phys. Rev. B2009, 80, 064403. [6 pages]

"The Tetracyanopyrazinide Dimer Dianion, [TCNP]22-. 2 Electron 8 Center (2e-/8c) Bonding"
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Caruso, A. N.; Pokhodnya, K. I.; Shum, W. W.; Ching, W. Y.; Anderson, B.; Bremer, M. T.; Vescovo, E.; Rulis, P.; Epstein, A. J.; Miller, J. S. Phys. Rev. B2009, 79, 195202. [5 pages]

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"Magnetic Ground State and Phase Diagram, Hc(T), for Magnetically Ordered [Ru2(O2CMe)4]3[Cr(CN)6]"
Shum, William W.; Schaller, Jason N.; Miller, Joel S. J. Phys. Chem. C2008, 112, 7936-7938.

"Observation of the pressure dependent reversible enhancement of Tc and loss of the anomalous constricted hysteresis for [Ru2(O2CMe)4]3[Cr(CN)6]"
Shum, William W.; Her, Jae-Hyuk; Stephens, Peter W.; Lee, Yongjae; Miller, Joel S. Adv. Mater.2007, 19, 2910-2913.

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Marshall, Shireen R.; Rheingold, Arnold L.; Dawe, Louise N.; Shum, William W.; Kitamura, Chitoshi; Miller, Joel S. Inorg. Chem.2002, 41, 3599-3601.

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