Øyvind Hatlevik

Oyvind Hatlevik

B.S. Texas Lutheran University


Prussian-blue Magnetic Materials

One class of materials that show interesting magnetic behavior is the prussian-blue analogues. Prussian blue itself (FeIII4[FeII(CN)6]3�xH2O) is a ferromagnet with critical temperature (Tc) of 5.6 K. Numerous analogues has since been made with varying successes. Currently one of my research interests is making and understanding high temperature magnetic materials such as vanadium hexacyanochromate. The figure below shows the temperature-dependence of the magnetic susceptibility of the material with Tc = 372 K.

Reference: Hatlevik, Ø.; Buschmann, W. E.; Zhang, J.; Manson, J. L.; Miller, J. S. Adv. Mater.1999, 11, 914.

Picture of the ambient-temperature Prussian-blue magnet on the cover of Advanced Materials.