Bretni Kennon

B.S. University of Utah

My research involves synthesis of molecule-based magnets from metal iodides (MI2, where M= Mn, Fe, Co, or Ni), and the organic ligands, TCNQ (7,7,8,8-tetracyanoquinodimethane) and TCNE (tetracyanoethylene). Along with formation of the product M(TCNQ)2 or M(TCNE)2, it has been established that during this reaction, iodine is trapped inside the structure in the form of a bound iodide, affecting magnetic properties. Currently, research is being carried out in attempt to determine the function of the iodine impurity. (For example, compounds with Nickel as the metal center will not magnetically order without the iodide impurity.) Comparison compounds studied are of the same formula M(TCNQ)2 or M(TCNE)2, but are synthesized from TBA+TCNE- and the M(SbF6)2 solvates.