Red/Blue 3-D Glasses

Ideally, a manufactured version would be best. These glasses can be acquired at e.g.,, However, if you do not have 3-D glasses at your disposal, here is a way to make them.

Materials needed

  1. One transparency that is clear, and does not scatter light (HP & Epson Inkjet transparencies are sufficient).
  2. Blue Broad Tip Dry-Erase Marker (we used Sanford Expo)
  3. Red Broad Tip Dry-Erase Marker
  4. Scissors
  5. Template (Below)


Print this template on a clear transparency. With the blue dry-erase marker, color one eye using the broad edge of the marker. Use caution and try to be as precise as possible. The goal is to make the color as homogeneous as possible. Then, color the other eye red, in the same manner. After this has been done, turn the transparency over to the other side and repeat the same action as before. This is necessary so that the color can be as dark as possible to get the best effect when looking at the three-dimension chemical figures. When both eyes have been colored on each side, cut the figure out. Be careful not to touch the dry-erase ink, because it smudges easily! Now you have the 3-D glasses you have always wanted. [Note if you print the colors onto the InkJet transparency (HP or Epson) the image is not transparent.]

View Stereo Images