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Klondike Bluffs looking toward LaSalle Mountains, Emery Co. UT, mid-spring

Anderson/Burrows group ski trip, Salt Lake Co. UT, spring 2001

View from the Maze Overlook, Canyonlands NP, Wayne Co. UT, mid-fall 1999

Camping in the Little Drum Mountains, Juab Co. UT, Fall 2000

Wind river range, looking east toward continental divide; Kids and dogs in Winds (Sublette county, Wy) 2001

View south from Boulder Mt, Garfield Co. UT, Fall 2001; Lower Calf Creek Falls, Garfield Co. UT, Fall 2001; View North from Torrey, Wayne Co. UT, Fall 2001

View south from Clayton peak on a day when the cloud tops are at 2,700m. Snake Creek pass (Brighton Ski Area) in foreground, Mt. Timpanogos in background. Salt Lake County, UT, Winter 2002.

A tank in Kane Glucha Perfect Kiva in Bullet Canyona grain stroe in Grand Gluchthe road out via Hite
A tank in Kane Gluch, a Perfect Kiva in Bullet Canyon, a grain store in Grand Gluch, the road out via Hite (March 2011)

Last Updated: 6/3/21