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Daniel Blakley, Senior Engineer: (801)581-6037 1418 HEB

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Mike Scott, Electronics lab tech / computer support: (801) 581-4964 1424 HEB

Mike is our department computer support mainstay. He maintains our student computers and their license server. He is the one to contact for adding course specific apps to these computers. Mike is the one to see when you need to move to a new computer or rebuild. And he is the first stop for most computer woes. He lives in both MAC and PC worlds and stays current with consumer technology. He has experience with various tablets, such as iPad, Nexus7, Kindle and Nook. He repairs lab equipment, like ovens, hot plates, stirrers, etc.

Shawn Laughlin, Computer Center network admin: (801) 581-4696 4523 HEB

Shawn maintains the Chemistry email system, . He manages our department network infrastructure, has established a shared network drive, crafted the department accounting and stockroom database and is our conduit with campus IT. Shawn loves Linux and programs PHP, html and cascading style sheets.

Dennis Edwards, NMR Service Engineer: (801) 581-4208 B461 & 1428 HEB

Dennis works in the NMR center and at times each week at Medicinal Chemistry and at BYU. His experience with rf circuits and power supplies is extensive and most helpful. He is good at diagnosing repair issues. He has rf design and construction experience. At times he is available for work through the Electronics Lab. He is a longtime Linux guru in Chemistry and has some C programming experience.

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Last Updated: 10/3/17