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Computational Science and Engineering Online(C SEO)


The mission of Computational Science and Engineering Online (CSEO) is to provide an extendable, integrated Grid enabled cyber-infrastructure for research, collaboration, and education in computational science and engineering.

Overall Goals

  • To create an extendable, integrated, user-friendly, problem solving environment to empower individuals and groups to perform research more effectively and to facilitate multi-disciplinary research on multi-scale complex problems in computational science and engineering.
  • To provide secure and simple access to state-of-the-art application tools, remote private data sources, and shared data repositories or libraries.
  • To provide simple and secure access to both local and grid computing resources.
  • To enable reliable and real-time visualization, data analysis, and information extraction from remote data sources and libraries.
  • To enable communication between users; thus facilitating collaborations and training.
  • To promote the participation of different domain disciplines by enforcing the inter-operability of the software architecture and to provide seamless interfaces between application domains.
  • To ensure broad acceptance and usage by different scientific communities.

Currently supported domain communities

The CSEO software architecture is generic and inter-operable. It has a core component that is common to all scientific disciplines and a domain-specific component that can be customized for different application domains. Our current funding activity for the domain-specific component focuses on computational chemistry, and its interfaces with the computational reaction engineering, molecular biology, and material science. If you are interested in customizing the CSEO environment to domain communities outside of computational chemistry, we would like to hear from you and certainly would be happy to help you.

We would appreciate your comments in helping to shape the future of CSEO. Please send comments to

Below is the roadmap for developing the domain specific component for the computational chemistry community. The roadmap illustrates how data flows from one application to another within each sub-field and across traditional disciplinary boundaries.

CSEO Scientific Application Roadmap:

Last Updated: 6/3/21