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Noriega Research Group


 PI:    Rodrigo Noriega

Rodrigo Noriega 

My interest in the dynamic processes that connect structure and function in macromolecules stems from their versatility − from synthetically tunable polymers used in optoelectronics to precisely evolved biopolymers present in living systems. Their complex molecular conformations make it difficult to understand the elementary steps that result in charge transport, catalytic activity, and information transfer. I plan to develop and apply new experimental techniques to understand these disordered molecular conformations using ultrafast laser pulses as my main tool. A combination of experimental data and computer simulations will allow us to answer such complex research questions. Soccer, running, biking, and hiking are the main activities I enjoy in order to balance a productive day in lab.


Group Members

Sasha Moonitz (PhD student, 2017 - Present)

NHAT T. Do (PhD student, 2020 - Present)

Dr. Mohd Sajid Lone (Postdoc, 2021 - Present)

Saad Faheem (PhD student, 2022 - Present)


Dr. McKenzie Jonely (Ph.D. in Chemistry, 2022) - Idaho Molecular

Noah Shepard (2019 NSF REU program & undergraduate researcher, 2019-2022)

Philippe Vanier (M.Sc. for Secondary School Teachers, 2020) - Olympus High School

Charles Simon (M.Sc. in Chemistry, 2019) - Nelson Laboratories

Seth Drury (2018 NSF REU program)

Kimberly Lopez (2017 NSF REU program)

Rafael Durtschi (U. of Utah Undergraduate research program, 2017)



Last Updated: 8/12/22