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CHEM 1060 - Chemistry Summer Enrichment Program


Tuesday, July 6 - Thursday, July 29; TWH

      ------      APPROVED!!      ------      

The 2021 Chemistry Summer program will be a pared back practicum occuring once a week for the four weeks in July. This practicum will not afford university credit, but will be wonderful hands on experience to interested high school students. 

Topics will include: development of chemical bonding, molecular architecture, organic chemistry, coordination chemistry, and nuclear chemistry. This course will include: lectures, labs, field trips, and seminar speakers.


Applications are no longer being accepted, though registration is still open for those students who have been accepted. 


If you have any other questions, please email Zane Bellows at

Thank you,


The summer 2021 practicum is a go

Previous to last summer, the University of Utah Department of Chemistry has offered a variety of chemistry enrichment courses designed for high school students from across Utah for more than 30 years. As thousands of students would agree, these summer enrichment courses continued to be extremely rewarding and successful until last year; COVID certainly has forced us all to adjust in so many ways.

Alas - waxing optimistically and thinking forward to this summer, 2021, our Department is hoping to offer a limited-enrollment Chemistry Lab Practicum experience. During four weeks in July, students accepted into this special program will enjoy a quartet of lab experiences along with training in crucial laboratory techniques and associated chemical demonstrations. [Of course, University COVID guidelines and laboratory safety rules will be strictly followed.]

A number of highly experienced Wasatch Front high school instructors will assist me in this laboratory experience program. Students will be encouraged to keep a lab notebook as a record of their summer experiences and as an introduction to conventional “best-practices”.

These college-level chemistry experiments imply that only the most dedicated student should consider applying for acceptance into this program. Yet, the nominal sixty-dollar enrollment fee should allow any student committed to their chemistry education to apply.

Teachers - if you have highly skilled and motivated students you think might be interested in applying for and participating in this program, please do pass along this information.
Students - if you have questions, feel free to contact me or my assistant, Zane Bellows.
Though this academic year has delivered to us all so many limitations, we hope that this
summer’s laboratory practicum can offer valuable, in-person experiences and interactions that revolve around chemistry lab skills and science in general.

We look forward to hearing from you and the possibility of working with you this summer!

Jeff Statler

Program Director                                                                                                              Professor of Chemistry


Questions can be sent to Zane Bellows at

Last Updated: 6/3/21