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Whittaker-Brooks Groups' Research Published by Matter


Luisa Whittaker-Brooks, Professor of Chemistry, Kameron Hansen, post-doc in Whittaker-Brooks group, and John Colton from Brigham Young University worked together on Mechanistic origins of excitonic properties in 2D perovskites: Implications for exciton engineering, published by Matter on July 28, 2023.

Kameron Hansen, the postdoc research associate in the Luisa Whittaker-Brooks group, noted: “This was a project with a lot of moving parts, many collaborators, and many findings. Thinking back on it, we probed the two-dimensional perovskite sheets in nearly every way imaginable. We measured their response to light from 1 meter to 300 nanometers, tinkered with equations, looked at them under microscopes, ran theoretical calculations on supercomputers, and so on. For it all to tie together at the end, we had to maintain focus and "keep the main thing the main thing." Hansen also stated: "Professor Whittaker-Brooks and John Colton from Brigham Young University gave me a lot of leeway and relentless support throughout this process. Working with the two of them on this project was among my life's most fun and rewarding experiences." 

Last Updated: 8/21/23