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Professor Tang's Research Published

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Photo Credit: Todd Anderson

In a recently published paper in Nature Chemistry, In a recently published paper in Nature Chemistry, Kefu Wang and Ming Lee Tang of our department described a composite material consisting of extremely small silicon nanoparticles and an organic component capable of transforming lower-energy light into higher-energy light. Read here about the experiment and findings.

The outcome of the study demonstrates that the effective interaction between molecules and nanostructures, accomplished through precise linking chemistry, offers an additional pathway to customize properties in materials intended for light-driven applications. 

Kefu Wang and Ming Lee Tang of University of Utah, R. Peyton Cline and Joel D. Eaves of University of Colorado Boulder, Joseph Schwan and Lorenzo Mangolini of University of California Riverside and Jacob M. Strain of UT Austin all contributed to the creation of  this new class of materials. 

The experiment was funded by the National Science Foundation, The Welch Foundation, the W.M. Keck Foundation, and the Air Force Office of Scientific Research. 

Read more about Ming Lee Tang's recent publication in @THEU article

Last Updated: 9/7/23