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2023 Graduation Celebration

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On May 4, 2023 we held our graduation for the College of Science graduates. Peter E. Trapa, Dean of College of Science, Matthew S. Sigman, Chair of the Department of Chemistry, and other faculty members congratulated the Chemistry students for their accomplishments. The Chemistry Department Hooding Ceremony took place at the College of Science in the Crocker Science center, on the same day.  The Department of Chemistry graduated 15 Ph.D. Candidates, 4 Masters in Science, and 85 Bachelors in Chemistry and Biochemistry. 


PhD Candidates

Amanda Bubas

The unexpected chemistry of the early actinides studied by guided ion beam tandem mass spectrometry

Advisor: Peter Armentrout

Eamonn Clarke

Analytical methods in the development of immunometric diagnostics

Advisor: Marc Porter

Hanna Clements

Computational Chemistry and Data Science Tools for Predictive, Mechanistic Models of Biochemical Systems

Advisor: Matthew S. Sigman

Andrew Jochimsen

Studies of the Activation of Radical SAM Enzymes

Advisor: Vahe Bandarian

Roland Jones

Formation of Five Versus Six-membered Rings in Peptide Sequencing as Studied using Mass Spectrometry

Advisor: Peter Armentrout

Lorraine Linares Laguerre

Analysis of variables that influence success in introductory chemistry courses: Relationship between affective variables and study habits with course performance

Advisor: Gina Frey

Sahsa Moonitz

Spectroscoic Investigations of the Influence of Interfacial Environments on the Dynamics of Biological Macromolecules

Advisor: Rodrigo Noriega

Amy Morren

Vibrational Circular Dichroism for Investigation of Chiral Plasmonic Mode Coupling with Molecular Vibrational Transitions

Advisor: Jennifer Shumaker-Parry

Adam Pancoast

Design and Application of 2, 2'-Bipyrimidines for Non-aqueous Redox Flow Batteries

Advisor: Matthew S. Sigman

Ellyn (Ellie)Peters

Data-Guided Design and Interrogation of Ligands for Transition Metal Catalysis

Advisor: Matthew S. Sigman

Brandon Stevenson

Investigations of the Gas-Phase Thermochemistry of Small Molecules using Guided Ion Beam Tandem Mass Spectrometry, Action Spectroscopy, and Ion Mobility Spectrometry

Advisor: Peter Armentrout

Samantha K. Walker

Thermodynamic and Structural Characterization of the Decomposition of Small Peptides in the Gas Phase Using Guided Ion Beam Tandem Mass Spectrometry

Advisor: Peter Armentrout

Nipunika Samali Weliwatte

Redox Polymers as a Versatile Approach to Modulate Bioelectrocatalytic Performance

Advisor: Shelley Minteer

Fan Yang

Thermochemistry and Structure Investigations of hydrated metal complexes: A fundamental study for the Rise of Environmental Issues

Advisor: Peter Armentrout

Asylbek (AJ) Zhanserkeev

On friendly interactions between electronic structure and molecular motion

Advisor: Ryan Steele


Candidates for the Degree of Master of Science

Janusz, Jordyn Nevada, Chemistry

Nistler, Maggie Ann, Chemistry

Rockow, Sara Lynn, Chemistry

Townsend, Lacie Mikayla, Chemistry


Candidates for the Degree of Honors Bachelor of Science

Done, Vilhelmina, Biochemistry

Guynn, Isaac Pierce Amel**, Biochemistry

Iverson, Nathan James, Biochemistry

Montgomery, Lauren Kay, Biochemistry

Munn, Jared Jackson, Biochemistry

Roberts, Brenden Houston, Biochemistry

Ward, Bridget Ellie, Biochemistry

Austin, Maxwell Jack, Chemistry

Barrera, Yexalen, Chemistry

Bassett, Rebecca Ann, Chemistry

Casselman, Lillee K, Chemistry

Ding, Victoria L, Chemistry

Hansen, Mason, Chemistry

Lutz, Kevin Thomas, Chemistry

Major, Emily, Chemistry

Whipple, Rachel Anne, Chemistry


Candidates for the Degree of Bachelor of Arts

Krauel, Steven Peter*, Chemistry

Oster, Andrew Ian, Chemistry

Sonntag, Spencer K**, Chemistry


Candidates for the Degree of Bachelor of Science

Alicea Jorgensen, Taylor Nicole,

Bol, Eva, Biochemistry

Carder, Rachel A, Biochemistry

Clark, Casey Hunter, Biochemistry

Counterman, Elijah Drew**, Biochemistry

Darling, Abagail Patricia, Biochemistry

Desjardins, Gabrielle Ann**, Biochemistry

Espinel, Cristian Estuardo, Biochemistry

Ford, Adam John, Biochemistry

Gooch, Braeden R, Biochemistry

Haskay, Savannah Skye, Biochemistry

Jin, Song, Biochemistry

Kwak, Hyoin, Biochemistry

Larsen, Sydney Ejin**, Biochemistry

Lopez, Mario Yohalmo, Biochemistry

Luettinger, Chase T, Biochemistry

Muffler, Jacqueline Mary, Biochemistry

Murugan, Ilakya, Biochemistry

Norris, Spencer C, Biochemistry

Parkin, Andrew J, Biochemistry

Rosal, Vian F, Biochemistry

Ryan, Elizabeth A, Biochemistry

Satter, Von A, Biochemistry

Tian, Bruce B, Biochemistry

Tracy, Javiera Francisca, Biochemistry

Tsai, Ying-Jen, Biochemistry

Valerio, Katharine L, Biochemistry

Williams, Taylor M, Biochemistry

Wu, Emily Rosy, Biochemistry

Baxter, Dawson R***, Chemistry 

Bouck, Alison, Chemistry

Brewer, Shaylie, Chemistry

Cook, Gregory Corbin, Chemistry

Couey, Allen Anthony, Chemistry

Croasmun-Adams, Zachary Ryan, Chemistry

Firth, Ethan Jeff, Chemistry

Flannagan, Meaghan Grace, Chemistry 

Garfield, Quayde Michael, Chemistry

Grace, Peyton Lawrence, Chemistry

Hansen, Skylee Dongyue, Chemistry

Harlan, Cooper Joshua, Chemistry

Jackson, Nathan Thomas, Chemistry

Kim, Siha, Chemistry

Marler, Kaitlin M, Chemistry

Mcmullin, Scott W., Chemistry

Mercer, Jarom Paul*, Chemistry

Messer, Jacob Michael, Chemistry

Mowes, Brandon Edgar, Chemistry

Na, Ryan Long, Chemistry

Ornelas, Patrick Andrew, Chemistry

Payne, David, Chemistry

Pehrson, Chase I, Chemistry

Penttila, Alec Michael, Chemistry

Perea III, Gary Cole, Chemistry

Peterson, Trevor Michael, Chemistry

Romero-Resa, Mitzi Kimberly, Chemistry

Romrell, Rowdy Burton, Chemistry

Schlamkowitz, Jack Aaron, Chemistry

Sevison, Justin P, Chemistry

Sjoblom, Ana E, Chemistry

Smith, Isabelle Jane***, Chemistry

Steckel, Sophie Anne, Chemistry

Wagner, Lukas David, Chemistry

Walker, Clay Elliot Knobbe, Chemistry

Worthen, Miles David, Chemistry

Wratten, Pierce Richard, Chemistry


Awards and Special Recognitions

Vahe Bandarian, Professor

Department of Chemistry, Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science

Yexalen Barrera-Casas, Student

Department of Chemistry, Research Scholar Award, Outstanding Undergraduate Research Award, College of Science and Office of Undergraduate Research

Cynthia J. Burrows, Distinguished Professor

Department of Chemistry, Founder’s Award, American Chemical Society

Shelley D. Minteer, Distinguished Professor

Department of Chemistry, Fellow, Royal Society of Chemistry

Valeria Molinero, Distinguished Professor

Department of Chemistry, Member, National Academy of Sciences

Michael D. Morse, Distinguished Professor

Department of Chemistry, Appointed to rank of Distinguished Professor, University of Utah

Jennifer Shumaker-Parry, Professor

Department of Chemistry, Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science

Alison Wang, Student

Department of Chemistry, Research Scholar Award, Outstanding Undergraduate Research Award, College of Science and Office of Undergraduate Research

Luisa Whittaker-Brooks, Associate Professor

Department of Chemistry, Presidential Scholar, University of Utah

***Summa Cum Laude
**Magna Cum Laude
*Cum Laude


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Congratulations to the class of 2023!

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