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Chemistry Cover Art

EurJICProfessor Rick Ernst, along with Benjamin Harvey at the U.S. Navy, were invited to supply the cover for Volume 2017, Issue 9 of the European Journal for Inorganic Chemistry (EurJIC), which featured a major result of their research: the first-ever recognition of C–C agostic interactions with a transition metal center.

In an interview published on the Wiley Online Library, they stated that they had specific inspiration for their cover design. "C–C agostic interactions are present in intermediates of both the Ziegler–Natta and olefin metathesis catalytic cycles. We wanted to highlight the impact of these interactions by showing some of the ubiquitous consumer products that are manufactured by use of these cycles. We would like to thank Neal Barry (NAWCWD TCO) for helping with the graphic design of the cover art."

You can read the full interview here, and check out the abstract for the cover design here.

Last Updated: 6/3/21