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Advanced Inorganic Lab Poster Session


This semester undergraduates students of chemistry worked together with their TAs to create crystal structures with tungsten and platinum. After they completed this experiment, the students created posters to reflect their own processes in their findings and accomplishments. Tom Richmond, professor of Chemistry said “On October 6th, our Advanced Inorganic Lab students celebrated the end of Fall Term by presenting their results, including more than a dozen new x-ray structures, at a poster session in the Ririe Room of the Crocker Science Center.” And Chelsea Valiton, a third year organic PhD student and a TA in Andrew Roberts lab, wrote” Throughout the first half of the fall semester undergraduates in the advanced inorganic lab sections worked closely with graduate TA’s to make crystal structures with tungsten and platinum. Students synthesized various ligands that were tested for substitution and oxidative addition creating metal complexes. Students got hands on experience utilizing a glove box, working with a pyrophoric reagent, and characterizing their ligands and complexes by infrared spectroscopy, proton NMR, mass spectrometry, and X-ray crystallography. At the end of the ½ semester, students presented their work during a poster session where faculty and students from the chemistry department attended. The posters included background on the project, instrumentation, compound analysis, and discussion of their overall experiments. The poster session really highlighted the students accomplishments and learning throughout the course."

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Last Updated: 10/18/23