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ACCESS day at U Chemistry

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On June 29, 2023, the Department of Chemistry and its students and faculty welcomed future scientists who are part of the University of Utah the ACCESS program.

ACCESS Scholars encompass individuals from diverse backgrounds, including women and people representing various dimensions of diversity. The program offers a unique introductory year encounter that enlightens scholars about their academic and professional aspirations from the very beginning. It boosts their social awareness, brings a community of peers who share similar goals together, and connects first-year science students with mentors and a vast network of over 800 program alumni.

Gina Frey, Ronald and Eileen Ragsdale Professor of Chemical Education, noted, “I am so excited to be the Chemistry liaison to the College of Science ACCESS Program. It is an amazing program that provides women and individuals of all identities who exemplify gender equality with a supportive cohort-based first-year experience in STEM. I enjoyed meeting and talking with this year’s cohort of women ACCESS scholars during this two-week summer event. These scholars are from all over the nation and are so passionate about learning science. I look forward to getting to know and mentoring them throughout this coming academic year.”

Professor Gina Frey and our chemistry students performed experiments and engaged the new upcoming students to perform fascinating chemistry experiments.

Professor Kaci Kuntz, assistant professor (lecturer) of chemistry, developed and facilitated the students in conducting experiments. They started the conversation with ACS Chemistry Student Chapter and a “roses experiment.” Then joined in to make ice cream, homemade root beer, and root beer and Sprite popping boba (basically, the fanciest root beer float imaginable!)

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Last Updated: 9/7/23