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2023 FACSS Student Poster Award Recipients

feAt the recent SciX meeting held in Reno, Nevada in October, two exceptional students from our department recieved well-deserved awards for their impressive research contributions. We are excited to showcase the accomplishments of these individuals, as well as the research that earned them this award.s

Joshua Taylor, a graduate student in the Conboy group, presented: "Flipping Out (Or In) About Vitamin E: What Nonlinear Optical Spectroscopy Can Teach Us About the Movement of Vitamin E Through Membranes."

Maran Sardoni, an undergradute student in the Harris group, presented: "Confocal Raman Microscopy Investigations of the Two-Step Functionalization of Porous Chromatographic Silica." 

To learn more about their research and the FACSS SciX meeting, please visit here!

Last Updated: 2/2/24