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Mnova is available to all researchers in the University of Utah Department of Chemistry and others by arrangement.  Use of Mnova requires dowload of the software and at least one license file.  A complete description of the software and license installation is provided below.


The link to download Mnova version 14.1.0 is given below. Note that version 14.1.0 is not that latest version - do not download version 14.1.1.

There are versions for Mac, PC, and Linux.

On the Mnova download site, page down a bit to locate the section entitled Download previous versions.

Select the 14.1.0 drop-down menu, and choose the version that is appropriate for your OS.

Download the license file that is linked below.

Right-click on the link, then select Save Link As...

It would be best to create a new directory for the license (.lic) file, but you may save the .lic file in your Downloads directory.

University of Utah Campus NMR v1.13.lic

Begin by installing MNova.  When the installation is complete, start MNova and install the license.

Last Updated: 6/3/21