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  • NSF-REU 2017

    Applications are NOW being accepted for our NSF-REU Summer 2017 Program, which runs from May 30th - Aug 4th, 2017.

  • Modeling molecules in the Molinero Group

    Computational chemistry allows scientists like Professor Valeria Molinero to do research that might not be possible in a traditional lab.

  • Faculty Spotlight: Luisa Whittaker-Brooks

    Luisa Whittaker-Brooks, assistant professor of chemistry, is working on two critical challenges of our time – alternative energy sources and low cost electronics for daily use.

  • Faraday Lectures on UEN

    A performance of the Faraday Lecture featuring original duo Dr. Ronald Ragsdale and Dr. Jerry Driscoll will be broadcast on UEN (channel 9) several times this December.

  • Coupling phenols and allylic alcohols

    C&EN highlights a JACS paper by the Sigman Group reporting an intermolecular oxa-Heck reaction that allows them to couple phenols with allylic alcohols in an enantioselective manner.

  • Work by Heemstra Group Featured on JACS Cover

    The article shows the first example of capture beads having more than one capture sequence, expanding the ability to study genetic variation and differences in gene expression profiles between cell populations.

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