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  • Work by Heemstra Group Featured on JACS Cover

    The article shows the first example of capture beads having more than one capture sequence, expanding the ability to study genetic variation and differences in gene expression profiles between cell populations.

  • Tea Time with Women in STEM

    Undergraduate and graduate women are invited to a monthly gathering to hear stories from successful women in STEM. Career advice and mentorship served with tea, coffee, hot chocolate, and treats!

  • Minteer Group creates novel biofuel cell for medical implants

    The new hybrid device combines the best of biofuel cells and supercapacitors to harness energy-dense, abundant glucose.

  • Clues in Zika's Genome

    In a study in ACS Infectious Diseases, the Burrows group used G-quadruplexes as genetic landmarks to compare Zika with other related viruses and suggest a possible drug target.

  • The Department of Chemistry is Hiring

    Two tenure-track positions in the areas of Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Chemical Biology, Bioanalytical and/or Biophysical Chemistry are available.

  • Undergrads pursue real research in CURE course

    The Advanced Chemical Biology Lab (CHEM 5750) is a course-based undergraduate research experience - a “CURE" - giving students real training in a research lab.

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Last Updated: 10/10/16