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Cuban Chemist Collaboration

The University of Utah Department of Chemistry is always enthusiastic when the opportunity arises for diverse thought and collaboration, and such was the case in April when professors Joel Harris, Charles Atwood, and Shelley Minteer met with chemists from the University of Havana for the Cuban Chemical Society Workshop, a joint effort run by the American Chemical Society (ACS) and the Cuban Society of Chemistry (SCQ). Harris, Atwood, Minteer and others met with 8 Cuban chemists over a 4-day period to learn from each other in the areas of analytical and chemical education, while also discussing possibilities of future collaborations. Those involved spent most of their time together giving presentations, visiting high schools, and participating in a round table discussion, though they managed to make time for a little Utah sight-seeing. The workshop was a success, and will be added to the foundation upon which is built the collaborative relationship between the University of Havana and the University of Utah.

Cuban Chemichal Society Workshop

From left to right: Tom Wenzel (Bates College), Joel Harris (U of U), Shelley Minteer (U of U), Resa Kelly (San Jose State University), Loreley Morejón Alonso (University of Havana), Carmen Valdez Gauthier (Florida Southern College), Ana Margarita Esteva Guas (University of Havana), Charles Atwood (U of U), Cristina Isabel Diaz Lopez (University of Havana), Manuel Alvarez Prieto (University of Havana), Lesli Yanez Gonzalez (University of Havana), Alicia Marcelina Diaz Garcia (University of Havana), Armando Augusto Palenque Quevedo (University of Havana), Margarita Villanueve Tagle (University of Havana), Susan Olesik (Ohio State University).

Last Updated: 6/3/21