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The Noble Friends of Chemistry

give now buttonOur community continues to be incredibly generous and supportive of our programs and research. Thank you to the many individuals, families, businesses, and foundations that made gifts to the Department last year (Nov. 2015-Nov. 2016).

You can be a Noble Friend of Chemistry in 2017 - make your gift now!

Radon Level ($1,000,000+ Lifetime Giving)

Lawrence E. and Helen F. Thatcher and Family
Thomas F. and Kathlyn Thatcher


Xenon Level ($50,000+)
George D. and Camilla Smith


Krypton Level ($10,000-$50,000)
Merle Winslow Carlson
Amarinder Singh Gill
Victor Bruce Gill
Mitchell T. and Diana M. Johnson
C. Dale and Susan R. Poulter
Don and Rebecca Reese
R. Scott Stephens


Argon Level ($5,000-$9,999)
Scott L. Anderson and Cynthia J. Burrows
Joseph F. Brown
Marlowe and Michele Goble
Joel and Frances Harris
Circle Pharma, Inc.
Jerry Murry
Rebecca A. Uhlig and Thaddeus B. Eagar
Henry S. White and Joyce Garcia


Neon Level ($1,000-$4,999)
Bradley and Maria Andreason
Charles H. and Judy J. Atwood
Mihir and Stephanie Bhayani
Carlos M. and Ann C. Bowman
Robert E. and Mary K. Burton
Joseph A. Gardella
Harry B. Gray
John and Gale Haslam
Jeffrey and Angela Jacobsen
Jacobsen Lake Foundation
Jaqueline L. Kiplinger
Craig V. and Linda M. Lee
Zhi Li and Yaping Xu
Claudia Skaggs Luttrell
William McKenna and Ann Simonson
James Muller
RJay Murray
Ruth L. Novak
Matthew S. Sigman and Deborah L. Burney-Sigman
John P. and Margaret A. Simons
Peter J. Stang
Carrie and Travis Wager
Derek C. Walter and Ena Ladi

Helium Level ($100-$999)

D. Wain and E. Rebecca Allen
Terrell N. and Virginia L. Andersen
Edward I. and Florence Aoyagi
Zlatko Bacic
Norman E. and Mary Ina Brown
Daniel P. Cherney
James D. Clark
Ruggiero S. Costanzo
Ronald W. and Mava Jones Day Dolan Jensen Dean
Eric G. and Janice H. Del Mar
Kevin Dockery and Kelley Reynolds
Trevor M. Egan
Richard D. and Chariya A. Ernst
Edward M. and Marilyn M. Eyring
Elizabeth Fine
Yudith Garcia
Mary Lane and Jim Grisley
Michael and Laura Grünwald
Robert J. and Carolyn B. Hargrove
Kenneth C. and Michele T. Hartner
Mark David Hatch
Hans J. Holland
Lloyd P. Holmes
Narayan S. Hosmane
John M. and Judith A. Hughes
William E. Jack
Kathryn L. Jansen
James B. and Joan L. Johnston
Dane R. Jones
John W. Kenney
Matthew and Autumn Kieber-Emmons
William E. and Marsha M. Kilgore
Werner Kolln and Murphy Waggoner
Andrew T. Koppisch
Carol Korzeniewski
Peter L. and Kristin L. Kraus
William B. Lacy
Armin P. Langheinrich
Rolf E. and Lucinda K. Larsen
Dennis L. and Patricia A. Lombardi
Clifton D. and Terrie T. McIntosh
A. Wayne and Angela M. Middleton
William Churchward Minerich
Shelley Minteer and Robert Churchwell
David S. and Viera I. Moore
Earl M. and Sharlene W. Mortensen
Anita M. Orendt
Darrell D. and June E. Orton
Allen K. Oshita
Greg S. and Crystal D. Owens
Jacob and Anna Pugsley
Thomas Richmond and Cynthia Squire
Peter E. Rogers
Alan S. and Cheryl R. Rothenberg
Bob Sanchez
James W. Sewell
Mark H. Sherwood
Dean J. Stoker
Richard D. and Elizabeth B. Streeper
Kenneth R. and Alice A. Sundberg
Lorraine Szczesny and Todd Grey
Anh Truong
Marvin Tuddenham and Ellen Johnson
Erin L. and Jacob T. Umbriaco
Michael R. and Jan Weaver
Michael A. and Gloria Weibel
Lisa Wenzler and Kenneth Savin
Shari and Steve Zinik
Last Updated: 1/3/17