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From Russia with… Nanoconfinement

ButlerovProfessor Ilya Zharov won a 3-year, $300,000 grant from the Russian Science Foundation. He will lead a group of eight researchers and graduate students at Kazan Federal University in a study of nanoconfinement effects on polymerization reactions inside nanopores.

Kazan University is the second oldest university in Russia, established in 1804. Its Chemistry Department is famous for seminal discoveries in the areas of organic, inorganic and physical chemistry. This is where Zinin (1842) invented the synthesis of aniline, Klauss (1844) discovered the element ruthenium, Butlerov (1861) developed his theory of chemical structure, Markovnikov (1870) and Zaytsev (1875) formulated their rules, Reformatsky (1887), Wagner (1888) and Arbuzov (1910) developed their reactions, and Zavoisky (1944) discovered electron paramagnetic resonance.






Statue of Alexander Butlerov on Kazan University campus.

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